Side-by-Side Collaboration

We Actually Implement our Solutions!


As seasoned entrepreneurs well know, successfully building a software business requires long-term vision and adaptability.  What confronts many early-stage companies, is determining the best course of action to ensure their value proposition gets the most wide spread market acceptance in the least costly way. That’s where Strassa comes in.

We are a team of serial entrepreneurs that have had a string of successes building leading SaaS companies in several verticals. We have decades of collective experience on the front lines of innovation and opportunity identification.  We are proven visionaries that have successfully navigated the start-up landscape and delivered superior results. We have learned, from direct experience, that vision is the foundation for every entrepreneurial venture and the cornerstone upon which effective strategy can be built.


Recognizing that vision is a foundational aspect of every start-up, it is meaningless without high-performance execution. This is where we shine at Strassa. We have bona-fide entrepreneurs, with proven execution skills, that we bring to each venture. We don’t deliver a series of recommendations and PowerPoint decks with process flows and diagrams. We work “side-by-side” with your team and implement our recommendations directly.

During the performance stage of our project, our seasoned entrepreneurs are not only providing professional execution services, but we are mentoring and guiding the team members that can benefit from our experience. We are implementing our recommendations and training your entrepreneurs how to effectively execute in real-time.